Harvest Pierce County's Gleaning Project

The Gleaning Project is a volunteer program of Harvest Pierce County that works to reduce the amount of food waste in our community, provide more fresh food to those in need, and build community.

How you can get involved!

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Volunteer Opportunities

The Gleaning Project is always looking for new volunteers to harvest, scout, and distribute fruit and fresh produce! To get involved as a volunteer, visit our Eventbrite page.

Donate your Farm Crop or Fruit Tree

Do you have a farm crop that you cannot sell or a fruit tree you don't pick? Register your crop with the Gleaning Project to get that delicious food to hungry mouths.

    Farm Crops
    Donating a crop to the Gleaning Project that would otherwise rot in the field can help deter pests, clear a field for an additional planting, or simply save your produce from going to waste. Learn more about our policies for working with farms here.

    Register your Residential Fruit Tree
    If you have a fruit tree that you don't harvest or a tree that produces more than you can use, Gleaning Volunteers can come to your property, clean up the rotting fruit on the ground and harvest and donate the rest! Learn more about our policies for working with residential fruit tree owners here.

Other donation options:

  • Depending on the size of your crop, you can donate the harvest to a nearby food bank yourself - check out our Where to Donate brochure to find a site near you!
  • Look for one of our donation stations at your local farmers market!